The Mind-Body Educator


The Body-Mind Educator
Interview with
Paul Linden
The Aiki Dialogues #14
by Simone Chierchini, Paul Linden

Founder of Being in Movement, Paul Linden, an Aikido teacher based in Columbus, Ohio, is a world leader in embodied training, having been active in the field for 40 years. He holds a BA in Philosophy and a PhD in Physical Education.
Paul has been practising and teaching Aikido since 1969 and holds the rank of 6th dan. He is also an instructor of the Feldenkrais Method of somatic education.
Paul Linden has used his extensive experience to teach people such as musicians, athletes, business people, computer users, pregnant women, adult survivors of child abuse, and children with attention deficit disorder. His work has focused on trauma recovery and peacemaking.
Author of numerous books and instructional videos on applications of body awareness training, Paul leads seminars around the world.
Let’s hear from him about his particular vision of what Aikido is and can offer to individuals and society in the future.