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Nick Regnier
Aspire Aikido
The Budo Classics #2

Sometimes I wish I had someone who was there to guide me in choosing which Aikido school I should learn, how to learn the Art properly, practice and develop strong Aikido techniques. This book can simply be a very good guide to you influencing your thoughts on how to think differently and practice a better Aikido with a stronger focus helping you find, what I would call strong Aikido.

My journey in learning Aikido has made me realise this: “if you do not train your mind by practicing diligently, you could be wasting a lot of time”. Aikido is more of a ‘gymnastic for the mind’ than it is for a physical body to execute techniques. You use your mind, body and spirit together to execute techniques, so it is not just your physical body doing the techniques. When you use all three, you begin to practice Aikido with strong spirit and feelings, rendering Aikido techniques becoming ‘alive’.

This book is a collection of various blogs I wrote to date. Here I am sharing my intimate thoughts with an honest view and an explanation of what I believe Aikido is. My reflections are primarily influenced by my unique Aikido journey with Aikikai, Yoshinkan and Iwama Aikido, and also by my experience working in the Security sector.

Nick Regnier started his studies in Aikido in 1988 and follows Iwama Aikido since 1995.
He is teaching Iwama Aikido at Aspire Aikido London Dojo –